Mortgage Franchise Opportunities Available

Becoming a Love Mortgage Franchisee offers the opportunity to build a business, shape a culture and invest in a better future.

This is an opportunity to break free from the corporate stranglehold on your income, time, and freedom. At banks and lending institutions, the salaries of multiple levels of corporate leadership all come from the loan officers’ production. Those individuals produce zero in loan volume, yet all are paid based on the origination of a few good loan officers. Those individuals also set the yields, volume goals, and operating structure. This opportunity allows you to make more per loan, choose how many transactions you want to do, and build a team that produces additional income for you. It is time to keep the money that you are earning and be in charge of the decisions impacting your day to day.

Love Mortgage’s success is directly tied to the passion and drive that our Franchisees will bring to their local communities. That is why we take great care in selecting who we go into business with, by getting to know our candidates personally and professionally through our selection process.

Franchisees spend their time and resources to build the Love Mortgage brand and continue the incredible legacy that began with our founders, Chris and Linda Love. We share in the Love’s vision to be a positive influence on the people and communities we serve.

This franchise opportunity is a life changing investment to own and operate a mortgage company. It is hard work – but it’s exceedingly rewarding.

Build Your Own Mortgage Team

The largest money-making opportunities for real estate agents is to create their own team. After some experience, agents create their own team or open their own brokerage. They bring in multiple realtors that they can draw income from on every transaction from multiple agents. This concept does not exist effectively in the mortgage world, which is one of our biggest reasons for creating this opportunity. Loan officers are limited to producing loans for the duration of their careers. Even as Branch Managers, the override commission for other loan officers is not enough to live on. Owning your own mortgage brokerage and creating a mortgage team can help you maximize your income and potentially remove you from individual loan production entirely. Reach out to us so we can show you how!

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Love Mortgage Franchising, LLC is an independent franchising entity and not a lender, bank, or broker. This entity will not accept loan applications or provide any support to consumers for mortgage lending.

Some Things You Should Expect

The Love Mortgage franchise opportunity is unique in the mortgage industry. Your knowledge of loan origination combined with our proven business model can be a recipe for immense success. We want to make you aware of the realities of owning and operating a mortgage company, as well as characteristics we are looking for in prospective candidates.


We offer an attractive initial investment package that was developed with the goal in mind of making you profitable as soon as possible.


We will provide initial set up and ongoing support to ensure you are compliant, structured for success, and have FREEDOM to pursue uncapped success.


We have established relationships with pre-vetted wholesale mortgage loan investors that you will be able to access for immediate loan origination. Our vetting process includes investor contract language that protects our franchisee brokers.

Being a Mortgage Broker

We are in the mortgage industry – our franchisees must be passionate about the work of serving home buyers and providing exceptional service and guidance in an important time in their client’s life. With great responsibility comes great reward.

Complexity and Risk

Love Mortgage Franchisees run their own businesses, ultimately in charge of all aspects. Their success and return on investment are proportionate to their hard work, business acumen and leadership effectiveness. It is not however, guaranteed.

Highly Selective

Competitive candidates will show evidence of personal financial integrity and stewardship, proven business leadership-and business acumen, an entrepreneurial spirit, a growth mindset, and strong character.


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